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A Satisfying Accomplishment

Heidi and Dave Vaan Maanenberg have been the inspiration for my Future Learning Space. With their guidance, I have been able to focus on a need that will provide assistance for the children of Kok Tnoth to access an education.

"It’s not just about building schools; it’s also about building teaching and learning. That’s how communities flourish."


With my Future Learning Space mission accomplished, I have a wonderful sense of fulfilment that I have made a small (minuscule) contribution to assisting the children in Kok Tnoth village, Cambodia, to move a step closing to gaining an education.

I have made no huge transformation or impact to anyone's life. Even when my FLS resources are put into action, the children of KokTnoth will still continue to live in an underprivileged environment. But I hope that my little drop in the pond will create ripples; that these ripples will improve the health of the Kok Tnoth children, and assist them in obtaining an education. It is only through education that they can become empowered to rise out of the cycle of poverty.

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