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My FLS Resources have arrived!

I am so excited. My playing cards have arrived! The founder of the Cambodia Clean Water and Toilet Project [CCWTP]

Darrel Steer, will be arriving back in Australia this Friday, 27th October, for a fund raising function. He will be taking the flyers and card sets back to Kok Tnoth,Cambodia, and will use them to teach hygiene to the children.

"I firmly believe that the future of Cambodia is dependent on educating the young people. The challenge is to have them finish high school but particularly having girls complete their high school education (currently it is less than 10%). A prerequisite to school attendance is being healthy. Clean water and sanitary toilets are essential for health" Darrel Steer

Darrel's statement combines the elements of my Future Learning Space perfectly.

a) The TWB's initiative 'Girl's Education' is also one of CCWTP


b) In order for the children to become educated, they must be

healthy. In order to be healthy, they must have clean water

and sanitation.

c) Once sanitation is implemented the children can be educated in

hygiene, their health can improve and their education can


d) Hygiene is an element of our Personal Space. It develops

dignity and self-respect. This in turn, enables a child to

be in the right frame of mind to learn.

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