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FLS starting to evolve.

After a great deal of e-mailing, discussion, thinking,brainstorming and conceptualising, my FLS has begun to evolve into a practical and

educational objective with an important learning purpose.

The villagers of Kok Tnoth, despite the best efforts of volunteers, still live in unsanitary conditions. It is a slow process to implement a sanitation infrastructure such as water wells, pumps and toilets. Money has to be raised and expertise; along with volunteers, are needed to implement the projects. This all takes time.

In the meantime, welfare volunteers are trying to teach basic hygiene practices. The Villagers are unaware of infection, bacterias, disease contamination and the need for hygiene. They have never been informed, and literally have to be shown 'how' to wash, 'what' to use and taught 'why' it needs to be done. They have been provided with flyers and brochures to explain hygiene, but they are too clinical for the adults to understand, let alone perform an instructional or educational purpose for the children.


"The children need to be educated about hygiene, but they need visual references that will explain and remind them to implement it." Heidi Vaan Mannenberg

With this in mind I have decided to create a collection of flyers with visual prompts and a word label to motivate the children to carry out hygienic practises. I have also created a set of Snap and Memory playing cards with the same visuals. These are being professionally printed for durability, and so a number of sets can be produced.

Children learn through play, so by providing a visually stimulating, fun, engaging and interactive game, the children will develop an awareness and understanding of hygiene.

Below are the originals for the flyers. It was a challenge to find the Cambodian symbols for each action. A real learning experience for me!

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