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My Future Learning Space

After researching the TWB initiatives, exploring humanitarian projects, watching many videos exposing horrific living environments and learning more about the circumstances and needs of the Cambodian people, I have decided on my Future Learning Space.

My Future learning Space will focus on the children who live in the rural Cambodian village called Kok Tnoth.

This is the village where my sister and brother-in-law [Heidi & Dave Vaan Mannenberg], under their logo 'b Yoga Practice' and in conjunction with the 'Cambodian Clean Water & Toilet Project', Sien Reap, work with the locals to install water wells, pumps, toilets and sanitation needs.

Dave playing with the children

"It is not until the children's basic health needs are met that we can even begin to think about the Three R's. At present, Kok Tnoth's children are in poor health due to unsanitary conditions and malnourishment. Health, hygiene and sanitation are barriers that must be overcome before any

form of schooling can be successfully implemented."

Heidi Vaan Mannenberg

The following are links to newspaper articles reporting the Vaan Mannenbergs' work in Kok Tnoth.

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