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Clean water & Sanitation: A Basic Human Right.

With TWB initiatives, projects and stories floating around in my mind - I am wondering how I can 'design a future learning space for young learners in a challenging global environment?'

This reflection brings to mind the stories that my sister, Heidi, tells me of the children in Cambodia. Along with her husband Dave, and their two children, Zoe aged 9 and Alice aged 3, Heidi raises money and travels numerous times a year to help implement sanitation and clean water into a remote, poverty stricken village, called Kok Tnoth, in Cambodia. Maybe I could focus on a learning space in this village?

We catch up and I begin to question her about her experiences o I can get a handle on a possible learning space and initiative I could delve into designing. "How many schools are there?" "Do they have books?" "Is it just a one room building?" "Do they learn English?"

Heidi just looked at me. Then she spoke:

"Don't even think about teaching maths and reading– they need to learn about basic hygiene before they can even think about attending school!!"

That put the brakes on my direction of thought! She went on to explain that the children are often too unwell to attend school. Due to no clean water, no sanitation and no understanding of hygiene, the children are often sick. Minor scratches become infected and develop into major medical complications. Gastro, ulcers and infections are rife due to no hygiene and clean water. The children are dying from minor medical conditions. They need to be educated about hygiene, build toilets and source clean water before they can even begin to think about attending school and being educated.

After sitting and listening to Heidi about the needs of the children in rural Cambodia I am starting to form a direction for my FLS.

I will keep you posted.

Heidi (right) & Co. distributing donated toys.

NB: Notice the children's blank eyes. Each day is the same as the

last. Life is hard and and unchanging.

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