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My Lightbulb moment

I have had a huge lightbulb moment.

I am very interested in collaborative learning, but feel that I need to learn more about it and strategies to on how to implement it successfully into the classroom. Recently I went to observe some classrooms where I was informed that collaborative learning was taking place. After listening and watching the students and learning tasks, I felt that the classes were operating more like a co-operative learning environment rather than a collaborative learning environment. Wonderful things were occurring in these classrooms, but it still did not feel like 'real' collaborative learning was taking place.

When we had to upload our videos for the Learning Spaces assignment, mine appeared in the upload box as a picture rather than a hyperlink. I messaged Adam to confirm if it was uploaded correctly. I was ever so nicely advised to 'revisit and reread' the instructions that set out the uploading procedures. Bummer! A 'yes' or 'no' or 'do this' was what I was after - but I had to go back, reread and re-upload. It was time consuming but I felt quite satisfied with myself when I had successfully completed the task.


OMGosh! Since the commencement of this unit I have been actively involved with collaborative learning! I have been a participant in one of its most perfect examples! Adam has been gently guiding us all through huge learning experiences, constantly encouraging our self efficacy, motivation, learning and accomplishments. He is directing us to become self learners, to delve into the liminal space, take risks and achieve. He is not giving instruction or directing us to do something; he is presenting us with information, enabling us to access our lateral thinking and providing us with the tools to develop our own personal and educational growth. It's up to you how much you want to learn and how well you want to master it. We encourage each other in our co-op, share our knowledge and learn something new from each posting. This unit is a hub of living, growing and developing knowledge! Who would have thought two months ago, that I would be here typing at my laptop to write a post for MY blog? Not me!

Thank you Adam.

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