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The E Space

Up until now I have had no Facebook, no Snap Chat, no Twitter; no social media of any sort. My iPad has been for Candy Crush, my iPhone has only been used for calls and messages and my computer has been for internet banking and client e-mails. I have never had to download an app, use a laptop, work a Smartboard, let alone create a Blog page, until my return to teaching this year!

A lot of changes have occurred during my absence from teaching. It has required a great deal of re-learning and genuine, time consuming patience from my colleagues.

But my real challenge has been the incorporation of technology into the classroom. If I'm honest, my reluctance to engage with it was initially due to the 'unknown' and the 'darkness' of the Liminal learning place. It was all too overwhelming and confusing and I had no real direction, or instruction on where to begin.

The E Space has been forced upon me - technology is here to stay and I have to 'learn' to become involved and to enhance my objective which is to become an engaging and inspiring teacher.

I can clearly see the wonderful educational advantages of the E Space and the importance of technological skills and connection to the online world. It is ME who has to learn to understand it and implement it effectively, with learning intentions, into my classroom.

This Blog is the first step of my E Space journey. My next step is to plunge into the world of social media. Stay tuned to see how I go!


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