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First step towards my Personal Learning Network.

After a thirteen year absence from classroom teaching, I returned full of passion and enthusiasm. With great gusto I set about organising myself, but was soon stopped dead in my tracks as I came to the realisation that teaching and learning had evolved into a different environment that I had been accustomed too.

No longer was the traditional classroom and its teacher directed learning in place - now there were open plan classrooms, team teaching, co-operative learning and technology!

Technology! This nearly caused me to break out in hives!

Since the commencement of the 2017 school year, I have undergone the most spectacular personal and professional growth ever. The thought of even considering a Blog or creating my own Personal Learning Network was not even on my brain's radar. Welcome to the beginning of my new life long learning experience. I look forward to embracing new knowledge and interacting globally with like-minded teachers.


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